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big idea. Meta enough for you? This category is the main reason Ive stuck with podcasting. If youre interested in learning more about earning passive income or learning the ropes of online businesses, this is a great place to start. The Smart Passive Income Podcast, this is straight up Side Gig 101. Pat Flynn is a successful online entrepreneur who brings other successful business-minded folks on his show to share their success stories and learnings along the way. The premise is pretty simple: the host solves random mysteries. Odds are youre spending at least an hour a day walking, getting herded into subway cars, and commuting. StartUp is a podcast that follows the start up journey of former-NPR podcaster Alex Blumberg and his podcast company. Always fun, informative, and random.

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Its so affected entre-PRE (notice the r in front of the e straight up snobbery)-neuurrrrrrr (as much nasal-ness as possible)-ship. Entreprenuership, what a terrible, terrible word. Now in season two, the podcast is following a dating service start up and is already highly entertaining. Bonus: Mystery Show, this is the third produced podcast of Gimlet Media and started just last week. Reply All, remember the StartUp podcast I mentioned up above about starting a podcast company? Tim does a great job asking unconventional questions that help shed layer after layer of his interview subjects and how they became who they are. Instead of budgeting and Roth IRAs, this NPR-produced podcast dives deep into topics that are loosely about money: skill-based gambling, betting against the USA (aka shorting the stock market rose farming around Valentines Day, etc. Serial, this is the podcast that launched a million listening earbuds. Descriptive storytelling, rich sound effects and music, and gripping dialogue.

Money stuff, yes, the personal finance blogger listens to personal finance podcasts. The Dave Ramsey Show, okay, so this is really just Dave Ramseys daily radio show, but if youre like me and never catch anything live and just want it available on the go, get the podcast. . So a start up podcast about starting a start up that is a podcast company. And if youre already a Serial listener, then please do yourself a favor and watch this incredible SNL spoof. That being said, it only makes up a small portion of my listening diet, as evidenced by the small representation for the category below.

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