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goods for discerning individuals. Maker stamped on top of spine. R0186) Contract Razors Wade Butcher. Contribution of Zak Jarvis. Medium Size Hollow Ground. Wetshaving is how barbers used to get the ultrasmooth shave of legends. Some had a single very thin blade embedded in softer metal frame tang, others like yours had a very thin (compared to a regular razor) blade tang with a small tube crimped onto the top of the spine to provide the proper honing angle. Celebrated For Barbers Use.

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Royal Stamping Variants, wade Butcher. Celebrated For Barbers Use 17/16. It was my great grandfather's, who seitenspring dating was born in 1890- but the absence of "England" on the stamp indicates it was made before then. R0016) duplicated entry from Royal Stampings section. Wade Butcher All Rights Reserved.

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