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film, which also means she'll be ditching the light hair and going red. "So I know no one wants to bring it up but" I was right. While you were freaking out in here Matt, Natalie and the kids arrived." I jump in excitement "Oh my gosh! Violet vixen: Kendrick (seen here in May) signed on to play Beca in Pitch Perfect 3 last month, when the third installment of the film was also announced to the public. Wilson and Kendrick were previously locked in back in June, following the mass box office success of the sequel film which initiated the creators to add another installment. I crouch down and kneel next to them "How old are they again?" Natalie replies "They'll be a year old in about a month" "They're growing up so fast, I remember the day they were born like it was yesterday" I play with their small. Maybe she isn't as emotionally stunted as I thought. As soon as I enter the kitchen everyone turns and looks. I make my way down the stairs and fix myself some cereal and sit down at the counter.

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He smiles "Hey Chlo" I pull out of the embrace "I've missed you so much, how long have you been back?" He chuckles "Uh, I think a week. "Well her name is-"I'm interrupted by the sound of my ringtone. I regain composure and take my hands of the wheel and look down at my phone. I grab my handbag and phone and make my way down stairs. Oh my gosh you're so big now!" I jump up and swoop him up in my arms. Simple and Beca doesn't even have to know about. And after you freaked out about the mention of guys, the next best thing is to assume girls" I nod "So you wouldn't have guessed it before hey?" She russische dating seite shakes her head "Oh no, I had my suspicions since we were young." I give her. "Let's go give them to mummy hey?" She eagerly nods; we make our way through the house and eventually into the kitchen.

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